Laptop Video Review’s Mission

Laptop Video Review is a leading aggregator of news, information and expert commentary on the latest laptops on the market. We make it easy for consumers to get information about the latest laptops in one place.

Who owns Laptop Video Review?

Laptop Video Review is owned by Learn About The Web Inc.

Who is Laptop Video Review’s editorial staff?

Laptop Video Review has a dedicated editorial staff that is independent of Learn About The Web’s other commercial properties.

How does Laptop Video Review choose which stories to cover or publish?

The editorial staff publishes reviews entirely on their journalistic merits, timeliness, relevance and interest to the publication’s readership in the laptop hardware space.

Who writes for Laptop Video Review?

Laptop Video Review has full-time and part-time staff writers, as well as freelancers and guest contributors.

Does Laptop Video Review pay its writers?

Yes, Laptop Video Review pays its authors and freelancers for content that is published on the site. Writers are expressly forbidden, however, to accept any form of payment or compensation from a third party in exchange for covering a story.

How can I write for Laptop Video Review?

If you would like to submit a piece or are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please contact

Can I write a guest post for Laptop Video Review?

Laptop Video Review welcomes guest post submissions from industry experts and thought leaders in the laptop hardware space. Like any news article, submissions for guest posts are considered according to their merit and relevance to our readership. Laptop Video Review does not publish or accept any guest post in return for payment or other financial consideration.

How can I pitch a story to Laptop Video Review?

Please submit all pitches and leads to

Does Laptop Video Review publish press releases?

Laptop Video Review does not publish press releases. Companies and individuals are welcome to submit press releases to our editorial staff for consideration. Whether or not we decide to follow up with a press release submission is based entirely on the merit of the story and its relevance to our readership.

Does Laptop Video Review accept payment for articles?

No, Laptop Video Review does not publish any editorial/news content in exchange for payment, nor do we permit our writers to accept any third-party incentives to cover stories. In the case that an author violates this policy, Laptop Video Review will post a public retraction of the story and terminate the contract of the author in violation.

Does Laptop Video Review offer advertising?

Yes, Laptop Video Review offers opportunities to advertise on our site through banner advertisements, email newsletter sponsorships, and sponsored content. Advertising and paid content is always clearly labeled and designated. To request advertising and sponsorship availability or rates, please email us at